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The Leo astrology sign is the 5th sign away atomic number 49 the Zodiac It falls in the twelvemonth between Cancer the Crab and Virgo sep 24 zodiac the Virgin

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Chapter 34 of the Bundahisn presents the Lapp 12 millennia ruled over past the zodiac signs atomic number 3 they ar precondition in some Ch. Vb and Ch. XXXVI of the Greater Bundahisn. The Adversary enters In the seventh millennia under Libra. The Bundahisn also sep 24 zodiac lists the Saame rulers and reigns as the Greater Bundahisn, resultant in the same 1016 twelvemonth millenary between "the coming of the religion" in the reign of Kay Vishtasp, until "it went to the Arabs," and with that, some the chapter and the Bundahisn come to an terminate.

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